If elected, I am committed to ensuring the RPT is run efficiently and effectively. Every dollar spent must be maximized for highest impact. Measurable goals will be implemented to ensure the highest return on investment for each area of the office.

1)     An evaluation of current status and strategic plan will be implemented immediately upon taking office with input from RPT staff, County Chairs and SREC members to establish vision and purpose for the RPT. The objective will be to evaluate current strengths and weakness, areas for improvement, and determine measurable goals and objectives for the RPT.

2)     Accurate financial information will be produced using accepted accounting best practices. This information will be shared with the SREC, and goals, objectives and benchmarks will be established and measured.

3)     Current staff will be evaluated for their strengths and abilities and will be reassigned and or redirected as indicated. Additional staff will be added as the budget allows to reach the goals and objectives identified in the strategic plan.

4)     The Chair and Vice Chair will personally engage major donors that have donated to the RPT in the past, but who have not donated to the RPT in the last year to six months.

5)     The Chair will engage and regularly communicate with County Chairs, SREC, and Republican clubs to evaluate our progress, seek opportunities for improvement, facilitate communication, and demonstrate respect for grassroots Republicans and their efforts to elect Republicans.

6)     The Chair will work with County Chairs, SREC, and Republican leaders in their respective communities to identify, recruit, and train candidates for public office.

7)     The Chair will work with County Chairs, SREC, and statewide candidates and elected officials to increase Republican turnout across the state.