Meet Cindy

Who I Am

My leadership experience – especially under pressure and in extremely difficult situations – coupled with being a woman, wife and mom make me uniquely qualified to serve as Chair of the RPT. In a time where we are inundated with media coverage of “women’s issues” and “pink hat marches”, I have the background and moral convictions to help educate and influence voters, elected officials, and the Party that ALL issues are women’s issues. My professional fight to save lives from the moment of conception has given me a profound and deep respect for life. Few people have witnessed the kinds of things I’ve seen & experienced. I know personally that an 18-week-old “fetus” is a baby because I’ve helped deliver twins born prematurely, seen their perfectly formed tiny bodies, and watched them struggle to breathe. Sadly, I’ve also been present at the moment of death in more cases than I can remember, and I know without a doubt that the spark of life is sacred and must be protected as our most basic right.

I hold a LTC and I’m also a hunter, so 2nd Amendment rights are precious to me. Our constitution guarantees that I have the right to protect my home and my family, and this sets us apart from almost every other nation on earth. We must protect the right to keep and bear arms in the face of those that would disarm us in an irrational and misguided attempt to prevent evil people from committing illegal, violent acts.

Lastly, I’m uniquely qualified because I love people – all kinds of people. My chosen career is dedicated to serving all people of all races, ages, and socioeconomic status and treating them with dignity -  as I would want to be treated. I’ve negotiated contracts with neurosurgeons, been the senior person in charge during mass casualty incidents and faced off gang members intent on killing rival gangs, so I can be tough when I need to. My experiences have given me unique opportunities to communicate with people and to show genuine care for their needs. My goal is to use these skills to help unite our Party behind our common goals and not allow us to be torn apart by our differences.


A 5th generation Texan, Cindy Crocker Asche was born in Waco and raised in Austin, Texas. Raised by her two outstanding parents, Bill and Donna Crocker, Cindy was taught at an early age to understand the value of character and hard work.

Cindy received her Bachelor’s degree in Business from Baylor University in 1983, but she didn’t stop there. Always eager to grow and learn, Cindy graduated with a BSN in Nursing from the University of Texas in 1986 after working tirelessly to put herself through school by working in the Emergency Room at St. David’s Hospital. She proudly worked 32 hours each weekend so she could have full-time benefits and go to school during the week. Her dedication to graduating debt free was an early indication of Cindy’s commitment to hard work and fiscal responsibility.

Since 1986, Cindy has served in a variety of ER and Trauma roles from assistant head nurse, trauma case manager, injury prevention coordinator, ER unit manager, and ultimately ER manager.  In each of these roles, Cindy demonstrated her natural leadership abilities in high-stress situations. Through these positions, she managed a 50+ member staff, administered multi-million dollar budgets, and developed best-practices to ensure optimal efficiency in the office. These skills she honed as a manager and leader are the same skills that would ultimately shape her role as a leader in the Republican Party.

Raised in a conservative family, Cindy has always played an active role in the Republican Party.  From actively working alongside her father, Bill Crocker, during his tenure as RNC National Committeeman for Texas, to serving as a State Convention delegate, Grassroots Club member, and Precinct Chair in Denton County, Cindy has a long history of involvement at every level in the conservative movement. In 2016, she was honored to serve as the Dallas-Area Captain for the Mighty Texas Strike Force- a movement credited by many as playing a vital role in the election of President Donald Trump. An active member of the Texas Federation of Republican Women (TFRW) she is the current president of the Republican Women of Greater North Texas, and Chaplain for TFRW, a current member of the Republican Party of Texas Candidate Resource Committee (CRC), past president of Frisco Area Republican Women, and a past member of the SD8 Republican Delegate Selection Committee.

In addition to her Republican activities, Cindy has served in a variety of leadership roles in her community. She spent three years as president of her homeowners association, served as a member of the Collin County Medical Reserve Corps, and as an active member of Christ Church Plano’s Youth Ministry.

Cindy is an advisory board member of First Liberty Institute and is proud to be an Endowment Member of the National Rifle Association.

Cindy and her husband, Fritz, have three children and live in Frisco Texas. They attend Bent Tree Bible Fellowship Church.