My Plan  

1. Fundraising

  • Expand the Grassroots Club to fully-fund the day-to-day operations. In addition to expanding membership, the Grassroots Club should keep its promise to not solicit funds from active members.
  • Hire full-time fundraising firm to help solicit funds from major donors who have ceased giving funds to the party in the previous 6 months-1 year.
  • Develop strong finance team to solicit funds across the state.
  • Re-engage with digital vendors to ensure effective online fundraising efforts.

2. Engagement

  • Implement aggressive statewide engagement program that utilizes precinct-level data to target priority areas of focus around the state.
  • Hire full-time statewide engagement directors for Hispanic, Black, and Asian engagement.
  • As budget allows, hire field staff in target areas around the state.
  • Implement effort to communicate, recruit, train, and register conservative minority voters around the state.
  • Hire full-time youth and college outreach director

3. Issue Advocacy

  • Hire staff to help coordinate legislative priorities, work with legislators, and coordinate testimony and advocacy from the grassroots.
  • Work to pass legislative priorities as determined by the platform and SREC (State Republican Executive Committee).

4. Improved communication

  • Use behaviorally-targeted ads and new technology to reach voters on a new level.
  • Utilize texting program to help communicate about key legislation and important party functions
  • Increase audience on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram.
  • Utilize media to directly engage the Democrats.

5. Increased collaboration

  • Increase communication and interaction between the RPT (Republican Party of Texas) and TRCCA (Texas Republican County Chairman's Association).
  • Work with minority coalitions and auxiliaries in development and implementation of engagement plan.
  • Work with TFRW (Texas Federation of Republican Women) to develop an effective counter-voice to the progressive, feminist agenda.
  • Work with Young Republicans and College Republicans to develop effective outreach plan to the next generation of Republicans.

6. Beat the Democrats

  • Identify vulnerable Democrats with high ORVS (Optimal Republican Voting Strength)
  • Work with county organizations to take new seats.
  • Recruit candidates in traditionally blue areas
  • The Republican Party of Texas should not be focused on attacking other Republicans. The RPT should be focused on taking the fight directly to the Democrats.
  • The RPT will work with statewide campaigns, SREC, and county chairs to increase turnout across Texas.