My Vision for the Republican Party of Texas


1) Transparency: The Republican Party of Texas is and should be a Party of, by, and for the grassroots. To accomplish such, it is imperative that all Party business be conducted with the utmost commitment to honesty, integrity, and transparency. Rarely are good things accomplished behind closed doors. As Chairman, I will make transparency and openness a top priority.

2) To be effective, the RPT must by fiscally sound: The RPT must be fiscally sound with enough cash on hand for basic monthly operating expenses, personnel expenses (including robust and active engagement staff), and funds available to hold a biennial convention. The RPT – the Party of fiscal responsibility and accountability- should not have to resort to using debt to fund any party business. For the Republican Party of Texas to play a strong and effective role in Texas politics, it must maintain consistent and significant cash balances in the bank.  If elected Chairman, I will work tirelessly to fund the basic operations of the party while simultaneously funding a more aggressive outreach and voter contact effort.

3) Engagement: The RPT will have a vigorous, powerful engagement program that reaches and forms relationships with all ages and ethnicities across the state – especially Young Republicans, Hispanic, African-American, and Asian voters. Qualified, experienced staff with unique qualities that promote relationships within the target community will be recruited from within the state and will be placed according to their strengths and needs of the engagement program. Demographics are rapidly changing. If the RPT fails to engage these shifting demographics, Texas will become a blue state.

4) Grassroots Resource: The RPT will serve as a resource for Republican County Chairs, SREC, and grassroots Republicans to help elect Republicans within their districts. For example – platforms for websites that reduce costs and improve utility for the County Party,  data/information sharing, and increased training opportunities will be provided.

5) Elect Republicans: The number one priority of the RPT will be to elect Republicans from the top of the ticket to the bottom. The RPT should work to ensure that offices held by Republicans are never flipped to another party and to engage and recruit Republicans to seek office even in non-partisan races. The Party will provide candidate training and resources across the state, and will assist County Chairs, SREC and grassroots activists in recruiting and training candidates.