Why I'm Running

Our country is threatened by a radical, liberal ideal of government, and the only thing standing between California and New York and the complete take-over of our country is Texas. I did not seek out this position. However, I could not fail to answer the call for a candidate who could bring honesty, integrity, fiscal responsibility, and unity to the RPT. We cannot lose Texas! The fate of our nation hangs on our ability to withstand the forces of liberal Democrats who want to take over our state and elect Democrats to office. We’ve seen recently that this is not only possible, but it’s happening – good examples are the New Jersey Governor’s race and the Alabama Senate race. What happens here in Texas politics will affect the nation. Our right to worship according to our deeply held religious beliefs, our right to protect ourselves and our families, the right to life from conception to natural death, and so many more core values that we hold dear could be lost in the next few years if we fail, and failure is NOT an option!